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Getting started

Installing beanie

You can simply install Beanie from the PyPI:


pip install beanie


poetry add beanie


Getting Beanie setup in your code is really easy:

  1. Write your database model as a Pydantic class but use beanie.Document instead of pydantic.BaseModel.
  2. Initialize Motor, as Beanie uses this as an async database engine under the hood.
  3. Call beanie.init_beanie with the Motor client and list of Beanie models

The code below should get you started and shows some of the field types that you can use with beanie.

from typing import Optional

import motor.motor_asyncio
from motor.motor_asyncio import AsyncIOMotorClient
from pydantic import BaseModel

from beanie import Document, Indexed, init_beanie

class Category(BaseModel):
    name: str
    description: str

# This is the model that will be saved to the database
class Product(Document):
    name: str                          # You can use normal types just like in pydantic
    description: Optional[str] = None
    price: Indexed(float)              # You can also specify that a field should correspond to an index
    category: Category                 # You can include pydantic models as well

# Call this from within your event loop to get beanie setup.
async def init():
    # Create Motor client
    client = AsyncIOMotorClient("mongodb://user:pass@host:27017")

    # Init beanie with the Product document class
    await init_beanie(database=client.db_name, document_models=[Product])